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jeffreyI’m Jeffrey, the guy behind each custom essay writing services review you see at this site. I’m a student with random interests. I like skiing, swimming, and Tarantino movies. Also, I love buying things online.

Academic writing? I absolutely adore it. I love how the entire process from idea generation to research to writing results with a piece of work that makes you proud. Who am I kidding? I hate it! I hate the mere idea of spending hours, days, and weeks with an essay. I’ve written many essays so far, but I came to a point when I realized: when you can’t complete it on time, you gotta do what you gotta do. That’s how I started ordering content online.

I’ve used many writing services before, so I decided to share reviews based on real experience. I’ll recommend some of the best essay sites I’ve tested so far. You want to join the fun? Comment! Together, we can save more students from scams. We can help them buy perfect essays online.