Academic Writing – The Key to Success in Any Profession

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The reason for professors assigning academic writing projects is providing opportunities for students to enhance their skills in research, writing, editing, critical and creative thinking, and proper presentations of facts, opinions, and arguments. Throughout these academic challenges, the student surpasses the limits of mediocrity and learns how to convey their exceptional skills through properly-structured writing.

Wait; wait! That boring style from the first paragraph, it was a joke. It’s the type of style you would maintain when trying to impress a professor. It’s what you usually see in sample essays, research papers, and academic writing guides featured on a university’s website. It’s also the type of style that bores a professor to death.
Let’s do something different this time. We’ll guide you through an academic writing process that results with cool essays.

The Ultimate Realization: Why Am I Doing This?

This is the first step, which most guides ignore. You’ll write an amazing essay only when you see the purpose behind it. Ask yourself:

Why am I writing this essay?

How will it make me better at the profession I pursue?

There is a purpose behind most projects they assign, no matter how boring they seem. When you dig through sources of information and you use them to support your own arguments, you’re developing a skill. No matter what profession you choose, you’ll need to do the same when you want to leave the impression of an authority.

Online Resources Are Just Fine

You know how those “guides to tertiary level writing” advise you to visit the library and reference real books in the bibliography? Well, those old-school guides seem to forget one thing: you can get real books online. They don’t even have to be books. There are scientific and academic articles all over the place.

Forget the library. It’s a waste of time. Hit Google Scholar with your keywords, and you’ll find tons of resources that are worthy of a reference.

Another question: what’s wrong with Wikipedia, again? You won’t reference Wikipedia in your essays, but you can use it when you want to understand the topic. The definitions here are clear, and they are supported with valuable information. Oh, take a look at the references. They are pure gold. They can seriously reduce the effort and time you spend in research.

Use Pinterest

When you first took a look at Pinterest, you thought it was all about brides, makeup, and interior design, right? Yeah, I guess it looks that shallow at first sight. But, Pinterest is a tool that has tons of potential. I always use it to collect and categorize online sources for my projects. I have boards for every single essay I’ve written, and I keep them private. Although I reference the authors properly, I don’t want anyone to see how the entire process of research inspired my work.

Here’s my advice for you: use Pinterest. It’s incredibly easy to locate valuable content through the platform’s search feature. You’ll find infographics on any topic, so you’ll get an idea for a fun presentation of your content. Plus, you’ll find tasty recipes along the way. There’s nothing wrong in making yourself a tasty meal in the middle of all that research. Pinterest is oh so inspiring!

Outlining is Good

Imagine two students working on an essay.

  • One of them plans the whole content. She creates a map of arguments and writes a focused discussion.
  • The other one starts writing right away, and he adds more ideas as they come to his mind.

In this scenario, the girl wins. Yeah, I made the girl smarter on purpose. I don’t want feminist attacks in the comments.

Look, outlining may be boring, but it’s also necessary. Brainstorming is a great way to get ideas. You can use Mindmeister to create a map of your arguments. That outline will help you write a resourceful essay that’s easy to read.

Write. Write Like a Maniac

When you’re completing an academic paper, you might get the impression that you have to be careful about every single word you write. Those research papers your teachers show as examples seem like they were completed that way.
I suggest doing something different. You already have an idea of what the essay is going to look like, so sit down and write the damn thing.

There’s no need to be too careful and anxious about each word and phrase you write. Just make sure you’re sticking to the plan and every argument is related to the main thesis. With this strategy, you can have your first draft written in no time. Then, you’ll proceed with the next step:

Polish It Out

Even when I write my own essays, I hire essay writing services for the editing part. There’s a rule that all professional writers know well: you can’t edit your own work. I mean, even Fitzgerald had an editor. You want to do your own editing? No problem. Here are some tips that will help you with that:

  • Read the essay without making changes in it. Take side notes related to the content and the logical flow.
  • Make the changes. Add info wherever necessary, and cut the clutter out.
  • Now, proofread. Read the essay few times and fix all flaws.

I tried to make this academic writing guide as simple as possible, but let’s face it: sometimes you have zero time and will to write your essays. In cases like those, I have only one guideline to give: go through college essay writing service reviews and buy great essays online.