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A long, long time ago, I used to write my own essays. They were not a complete disaster, but they never got me the points I expected. When I realized that most students were buying their essays, I decided to do that, too. It never occurred to me that I could run into a scam website, but that’s exactly what happened. I got a spinned essay that had Wikipedia written all over it. Needless to say, my professor wasn’t impressed.

Was I disappointed? You bet I was. Was I disappointed enough to give up on writing services once and for all? Nope!
I saw the potential. I realized there were great agencies out there. I just needed to find the ones that worked.

Throughout my experience with writing services, I’ve come across to everything. From missed deadlines to plagiarized work to awesome papers written in three hours. Getting an honest essay writing service review is crucial for making the right choice.

In addition to the review, however, there are few other indicators that lead students in the right direction. Hang on; I’m gonna give you the best tips on how to choose the right writing service!

Tips on Choosing a Writing Service

1. Don’t rely on Google too much

I love Google. But, when it comes to buying things, you can’t rely on the search engine too much. It doesn’t evaluate the quality of the products and services different websites offer. It only evaluates the content at the website.

These services can easily use all the right keywords and play few other tricks that give them superior ratings in the search results. The products they deliver may or may not correspond to the rating they get on Google.

If you’re using Google to find writing services, make sure to check out few different websites before making the choice. Do not make a random pick!

2. Check the prices!

How much money are you willing to spend on an essay? If you only have $70, you can’t hire a service that charges $60 per page for a deadline of 5 days. You’ll need to search for a site whose quotes you can afford.

Remember this: a high-quality writing agency can’t be cheap. You can’t expect a writer with a PhD to write you a unique research paper and charge $5 per page. The average prices start around $17 per page for the longest deadline, and go up when you opt for a higher quality and greater urgency.

So, avoid the cheapest and most expensive options. It’s possible to find an affordable essay writing service that delivers the ultimate quality.

3. Test the support

Do you like chatting? I do, so I always test the live chat before using a new service. If I get timely response from friendly agents, I figure the service is worth giving a shot. If I notice there’s something wrong with the support system, I carry on with my quest.

4. Do you get guarantees?

Almost all writing services guarantee high quality, 100% unique content, 24/7 support, free revisions, refunds, and so on. But, not all of them include those guarantees in the terms and conditions. However, If you don’t see the policies in the terms and conditions, the company can find many excuses and won’t give you a refund.

I know the terms and conditions are boring. I hate reading them. But, you gotta do what you gotta do.

5. Seriously: check some custom writing service reviews

The good thing about the Internet is that it’s open for everyone’s opinions. What’s the first thing you do before ordering a product from Amazon? You read the reviews, of course. Once you get your package, you rush to leave your own review. Well, we need to join forces to achieve that level of transparency in the essay writing industry. If we all leave our honest reviews, can you imagine how easier it would be for us to choose the right service?

I’m making the first steps towards that goal through my website. Each essay service review is honest and real. It’s based on personal experience. You can all take part in this reviewing community, so we’ll end up making better choices when buying essays online.

I wrote this guide because it’s incredibly hard to pick the right writing service among all those websites you see in Google’s search results. When you’re attentive to few details at the website and you get some reviews, the choice becomes easier.