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As a student you sometimes begin to think that all online writing services are scammers. Unfortunately, companies like fit this exact profile. Every student deserves a professional service, that has educated writers and that turn in amazing essays. After all, all students pay for it. You don’t want to put your trust in a writing service like this, that doesn’t actually keep their promises. Keep on reading to find out why. review

Can They Do Your Paper, That Is the Question

I had a history paper due, and I’m writing this review because they didn’t want to take on my task. First of all, I couldn’t even find a page that’s dedicated to listing all the services that they offer. Once I contacted them, I was disappointed that they didn’t do the kind of paper that I needed to turn in. What kind of a professional service doesn’t do history papers? If that was the case with me, I imagine other students encountered the same problem, and just wasted their time trying to find the information from their customer support.

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Where are the Prices?

You know when you visit a website and click on a dedicated tab for prices? Well, they don’t have this. Their homepage simply states that you get a 15% discount on your first order and that the average price is $12 per page. This indicates that no matter what kind of a paper you want, you’re going to get charged the same price. Because I couldn’t find any more information, I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t take the time to address this issue more clearly, as it is so important to most students.

Writers Are Supposedly Educated

I’ve read plenty of reviews to conclude that they don’t have any proof that backs up the fact that the writers are professional. In fact, most trustworthy services give you a chance to talk to the writer. But these guys don’t give you that chance. And if their writers do have Masters and Ph.D. degrees, why can’t a student see who is writing the paper and talk to this individual? This makes you wonder about the overall quality of their papers. Just take a look at their samples and you’ll see that the quality just isn’t on the right level, no matter which academic level you are on. samples

Customer Support Could Be More Helpful

I wanted to know more about their service for starters. Couldn’t get that information from the customer support representative, because he claims that he doesn’t have access to such information. What is the point of customer support if they can’t answer the basic question? Other CustomEssayOrder reviews state the same. Even though they offer several means of communication, it’s not the most reliable support service, as they don’t actually help you resolve your issue. And if you can’t talk to them and can’t get the information you want, what can you do?


I love a great writing service, but this is definitely now a writing service I would recommend to anyone, especially not my friends. They lack the transparency of a great, professional writing company that really goes above and beyond to help you throughout your academic education. There are plenty of other services to rely on, and this just isn’t the one.

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Date published: 08/18/2017
4.6 / 10 stars