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Unfortunately, as a student seeking for a professional writing service is bound to stumble upon a service that’s a total scam or simply not worth a penny. Keep on reading throughout the entire review to see for yourself exactly what kind of a service they offer, and why you shouldn’t waste your time asking them to write your paper. Both my friend and I had a terrible experience, and we wanted to share how bad it actually was. review

Where is the Service?

Once you go to their website, you’re immediately confused by the lack of information about their services. There was no special page dedicated to this, but a rather vague explanation about how they can write essays. Since we were desperate we asked for our essays, but the desperation continued by the deadline when we never actually received them. We were devastated to see an essay writing service that calls themselves professional do such a lousy job of finishing two easy essays on time, for two students who were just looking for a paper for their class.

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How Much Does It All Cost?

Too much if you ask me. They definitely aren’t the cheapest writing service on the block, since the basic package starts off from $16.50 for a single page. And not only that, you would have to pay additionally for revisions or editing service, which should be something that’s included in the price. doesn’t have any financial perks since there’s no discount program, but they seem to offer free title pages and e-mail delivery, which isn’t exactly something we should pay for anyways. It seems odd that a service would highlight that they offer a free e-mail delivery. Right? prices

Quantity over Quality?

We had the feeling that our papers, as basic as they were, weren’t important to them. In multiple reviews, we’ve read that the end result is terrible and that it seems like they don’t really have professional writers doing the actual papers. We didn’t receive ours in time to meet our deadline, so we don’t know if they would have satisfied our professor. But once we did get them, they seemed like they were written by us, and not a writer that has a degree in that particular field! We could have done the same job on our own.

A Very Slow Customer Service

In our panic to get our papers on time, we contacted the customer support and their live chat. We didn’t get an answer, neither of us, so we proceeded to write to them. The next day we got a response that they were too busy the previous day, which seems quite irresponsible. Not only did we miss our deadline, but we couldn’t talk to anyone that would give us more information on why this is happening in the first place. If you’re expecting this to be a collaborative effort, don’t even bother by ordering from them, because communication seems to be a one way street with them.


Without reading a lot of other reviews we knew that this isn’t the kind of service students deserve. If you pay a good amount of money for a paper, then you expect a lot more in every aspect. There’s no ounce of professionalism, in my opinion, and I wouldn’t place another order again. I wouldn’t recommend this service to any other student either, at least a student who cares about the quality of their paper.

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Date published: 08/18/2017
5.6 / 10 stars