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As a student, you want to be able to find a writing service that fits your budget, but delivers quality at the same time. Unfortunately, that’s not something easy to do, with so many scammers online. There are so many professional writing services out there, that don’t come close to being actual professionals. Stay tuned for all the details about and why this simply isn’t the right choice for any student. review

Not Truthful About Service

I wanted an argumentative essay for my psychology class. They state they offer an essay writing service, and a bunch of other services such as book reports, dissertation papers, term papers, research papers etc. Once I did contact them, they said that they actually can’t write an argumentative essay, but a simple essay on the topic. I was disappointed that they claim to offer something, and then fail to keep their promise. Immediately, you lose time by having to check in with them to see if they can do the actual paper for you. Not a good indicator right off the bat.

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Price and Discounts – Where are They?

It seems a bit shady when you go to a writing service website and don’t find a page dedicated to prices. Every student wants to know more about the prices. I did find two different pieces of information, one stating that their lowest price is $12 per page, and another one that says that a student pays $9.50 on average per the page. This information didn’t quite seem to fit in, but I couldn’t locate any further information about the prices to see exactly what my paper would cost. So I was left with having to guess what the price would be in the end.

Quality Could Improve

I am a student and by no means am I an expert in writing essays. But even a student can see through reviews that not all customers are happy with the quality of their papers. They seem to offer professional services, but their papers are sloppy. Lots of errors, simple ones like grammar and spelling. They say you can follow the entire process and connect with your writer, but I was on a tight deadline so that never actually happened. I had no communication with the writer what so ever, so I didn’t get to give my input. writers

Unpleasant Customer Service

Although my review isn’t a positive one, I was at least expecting to end on a positive note, by having something nice to say about their customer support. Not only did they not respond to me, I tried calling them and I ended up holding for such a long time, that I’m scared to look at my phone bill. This doesn’t exactly indicate that they are as connected with their customers as they claim to be, and even if they do answer their customers, why didn’t I get an answer? Shows inconsistency and isn’t exactly going to establish trust between the company and the customer.


Save yourself some time, and don’t read any other Essaypro com reviews. Instead, take that time and try to find service that has great testimonials and that really does their job. I would suggest that you stay away from their writing company, as well as all other companies who have the same work ethics. You deserve better, and so much better.

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Date published: 08/18/2017
5.5 / 10 stars