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When I venture out into the world of Internet to find a reliable paper writing service, I’m always looking for a service that has great writers, but at the same time, cares enough about their customers to have a very efficient customer support and a friendly budget. It’s important for a student to have the entire package, and you’ll see through my review that this service comes pretty close to perfection. review

Organization On Point

I would never order from a writing service if their website is all over the place. It says so much about their overall ethic. Fortunately for me, their website was very modern and clean. You have all the necessary information in one place, without having to read through an essay of self-praise. My first impression was based solely on their professional design and layout and it was quite a good first impression.

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Cool Features

I also wanted to dedicate some time in this review to talk about some cool features, like their easy ordering process. I loved that it only takes a few clicks to make your order. You type in your name, the topic, number of pages and the urgency of the task and simply proceed to place your order. Also, they have a blog in development which seems like a great idea, because it shows that they actually care about helping students out even if they are not exactly doing your paper.

Prices and Discounts clearly states that they know they are not the cheapest service online, and I appreciate the honesty. Although they are not cheap, with a price of $16 per page, double-spaced, this price comes with perks and discounts that you can use for orders over $30. Their price justification is that they don’t sacrifice on quality. The truth is, I would rather pay $3 more per page, than sacrificing the quality of my paper, which is something I think all students can agree on. The price is based on the writing standard of the paper and the urgency, which is quite normal and this is how all writing services base their prices.

Huge Range of Services and Expert Writers

In my EssayWritingLand reviews, I like to stress the importance of writers, and these guys have a team of educated writers with Masters and Ph.D. degrees. I wouldn’t personally settle for anything else than a writer of such degree, that’s an expert in the field. You ultimately want to work with someone who knows something a lot about the topic, whether it’s history or psychology. When it comes to papers and the services they offer, they have the basic offering, but they go into a lot of details explaining all the different kinds of papers they can actually write, so you’re not just stuck with a service who can do only one type of a paper.

Talkative Service

The agent that I talked through their live chat was really polite and pleasant and eager to help. He didn’t keep me waiting too long, and even when I had to wait, he checked back in with me, to tell me to have some more patience. I appreciate their honesty once again, and because I contacted them close to midnight, I didn’t even expect such a speedy response. I had some questions about their discount program, which the agent was kind enough to answer. He really knew everything about the topic.


I will always write nice reviews because they did a terrific job on my paper. Although it cost a little bit more, it wasn’t a significant loss for my budget, but my professor loved the paper, and that’s really what matters. They are definitely not a scam service, so I would suggest you look into them the next time you have a paper due.

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Date published: 08/18/2017
9.7 / 10 stars