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When you’re a student, you sometimes have to rely on a writing service to do your papers. Whether you’re not familiar with a topic, or you don’t have enough time, writing services are there to assist you in need and really help you turn in an incredible paper. Unfortunately, not all services are as great as they portray themselves to be, and is one of those services. Let’s dive in a little deeper and see what this service is missing. review

An Average Service

Writing this review wasn’t an easy task, because I really didn’t have a pleasant experience browsing through their website. Immediately I saw the lack of transparency when I started searching for a services menu. There’s no specific page dedicated to services they offer as if we are supposed to instinctively guess that they can do it all. And in the case that they can, you still have to waste time by contacting them to get this simple information, that should be displayed in the most prominent place on the website. Overall, I don’t believe they have the best offering online.

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Low Prices and Special Offers Do Exist

One perk was their pricing. They offer a very low price of $9 per page, which is definitely among the lowest prices on the market, and something that attracts every student. I can’t state for sure if that’s an indication of the quality, but I am hoping it’s not the case. They have several discount programs and special offers for new, first-time customers. They also reward loyal customers, by giving them virtual money bonuses which they can use to pay for their future orders if it ever comes to it. writers

Not the Best Quality

I was able to acquire some samples through them and found some other reviews that were enough of a testimonial about the quality on their own. The quality is awful, the topic is written about very vaguely, and there are many errors in formatting and spelling. You might pay a low price, but you get low quality as well. I personally would never settle for an average paper, let alone a paper that I have to proofread myself. Therefore, this speaks a lot about their writers too. I couldn’t get more information about the writers themselves, so you’re never quite sure whether a student is writing your paper or a professional writer.

Bad Timing and Customer Support

I spent a lot of time trying to chat with the customer support that absolutely paid no attention to my messages. Reading other reviews, I saw that others experienced this issue too. Sometimes I would be asked to be patient, while other times I wouldn’t even receive a response. This is really disappointing especially if you don’t get a lot of information in the first place. You get the usual options for contacting them through an email, phone or live chat, but their live chat doesn’t seem to be available 24/7 like they claim it is. This is terribly disappointing and leads me to think that they don’t really care about their customers.


If you took the time to read other Grademiners reviews you will see that a lot of people share my opinion. It’s simply not the best choice for a student who wants to achieve the best price and a high-quality paper. Not only that, but you’re not quite sure who is handling your paper, so you can’t ever trust them to do the right job.

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Date published: 08/18/2017
6.7 / 10 stars