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You Locate a Top Rated Essay Writing Service. Now What? You found a website of a writing service with an impeccable reputation. You placed an order in a hurry. You expected to get amazing results by the deadline, but something was missing. You got an essay and it was relatively nice, but it was not what you expected.

Well, did you tell the writer what you expected? Did you fill out the form with all details? Professional writers, no matter how great they are, can’t read people’s minds. When we order essays online, we have to do our best to collaborate and provide instructions as clearly as possible. That’s the only way to use the whole potential of custom essay writing services.

I have few tips that will teach you how to order all types of papers online. There are few details you should be particularly attentive of. Read on!

The Standard Order Form. Understand It!

The best online essay writing services have different online forms that serve as a basis of the customer’s order. More or less, these forms are all the same. The writers need basic information to complete the order, and you should know how to provide it.

The following instructions are based on a standard order form, which you’ll find at most websites.

Step One: Contact Information

I won’t teach you how to fill in the details about your name and email. You already know how to do that. The phone number is also an important detail since it enables you to get SMS notifications about the progress of your order.

If you see an option that requires you to agree to late-night phone calls, I advise you to allow it. Maybe the writer will be in another time zone and they will immediately need specific instructions for the essay. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get a phone call at night, but I suggest agreeing to them, just in case.

Step Two: Order Requirements

This is the important part. It’s also the part that most students neglect. They pay attention to providing proper contact information, but they want to go through this section as quickly as possible. That’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make when ordering an essay online.

Here, you’ll provide the topic of the essay, and you’ll choose the following parameters:

  • Type of paper
  • Deadline
  • Quality level
  • Number of words / pages (one page usually equals to 275 words)
  • Subject area
  • Academic level
  • Number of references
  • Formatting style.

Let’s talk about the quality level. The best essay writing services usually offer three options: Standard, Premium, and Platinum (sometimes named as Standard, Advanced, and Premium, or something similar).

Standard level is intended for basic essays, which don’t require advanced level of research. If, for example, you want an essay entitled How I Spent My Summer Vacation or How I See Myself in 10 Years, you don’t need a higher level of quality.

Premium or Advanced level is for content of slightly greater complexity. If you need a research paper that needs tons of references, then I suggest choosing this level.

If, on the other hand, you need an extremely complex piece, such as a PhD dissertation or an MA thesis, then the Platinum level is the smartest choice. The highest level of quality is completed by writers who hold PhDs.

Paper Requirements

In the section where you describe the requirements of your order, you’ll notice a part that asks you to specify the details / paper requirements.

Tell the writer what you expect. If you need an essay on human rights in Rwanda, for example, explain how you see the situation. What you think could change. Be specific. Show some emotions. The writer should get your unique voice, so they can convey it through the essay.

If you don’t bother to provide detailed requirements, then you won’t be able to get revisions. When the writer delivers a unique essay based on the order description you submit, you cannot request amendments based on requirements that weren’t specified.

Step Three: Discount Code and Extras

Nearly all writing services give you a discount code for your first order. Do not forget to include it in the order form! If you’re returning to order more essays and you’re part of a loyalty program, the discount will be automatically calculated.

Now, about the extras. Most services allow you to pay for VIP support. This is not a great investment; it usually costs around $10. However, the value you get is pretty awesome, since you’ll be treated as a VIP. I tend to get VIP support or a VIP service package for especially important or urgent projects.

The other potential extras include: order completed by one of the top 10 writers (highly recommended for important essays), proofreading by an editor, and your preferred writer’s ID.

All these details are important. An order form will take up to 15 minutes of your time, so you have no excuses about being inattentive. Stay focused and provide all details the writer needs!