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A friend of my recommended as one of the best services he’s used. He bragged about it so much that I decided to order my term paper for a psychology course. I saw that the prices were reasonable, and I already had a recommendation about the quality. review

If I had to choose a single word to describe this service, it would have to be professional. From the look of the website to the treatment of the support center to the product itself, everything was quite professional. This is not one of those scam services that promise one thing and deliver something completely else. With PapersGear, I got even better results than expected.

Sleek Website

The website itself makes you confident that you’re dealing with a high-class service. Everything is within reach: the prices, services, discount policies, terms and conditions, guarantees, and any other info you could possibly need.

The blog is pretty fun. Instead of the usual boring crap (academic writing tips) we see on the blogs of essay writing services, this service gives us something fun to read.

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Students Can Order Anything

The list of services is pretty extensive. That’s something I always appreciate. When I find a service that delivers a good essay, for example, I would definitely hire it again for a research paper. Papers Gear has a versed team of writers, who can handle all types of content. Plus, the company offers editing, proofreading, and formatting services.

How Much?

I know, I know! You’re probably thinking: if this is one of the most professional essay writing services, then it has to be crazy expensive. Guess what: you’re wrong. I was surprised to see more affordable quotes than the ones I expected. The quotes per page start from $19.99 and they go up to $52.99.

As a first-time user, I got a 20% discount. Cool. prices

Is the Quality Worth the Price?

Definitely. I have a confession to make: psychology freaks me out. I don’t get it. It all seems like a crazy pseudoscience to me. So, I chose a crazy topic for my crazy course: The Paradox of Choice. What this writer did with the topic is hard for me to describe in plain words. He didn’t write an academic piece of content full of definitions and explanations. He used and analyzed real examples that gave me the chills.

Real Revisions

I didn’t have much time to collaborate with the writer, so I left the entire project in his hands. I was impressed with the first version. But, I asked the writer to simplify some phrases and sentences. He immediately accepted my request and returned the edited version in two hours. Oh, did I mention that he also completed the term paper two days before the deadline?


It’s a legit service that didn’t make me sorry for spending money on an essay. The writer understood what I needed and delivered the content way before the deadline. The surprising thing is that he made me interested in psychology. It’s a service with educated and talented writers. It leaves the impression of great professionalism.

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Date published: 08/18/2017
8.9 / 10 stars